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Piaggio 1 FCW Euro 5

£2,300 £2,750

Piaggio 1 FCW Euro 5

Fusing the past and the future

Feng Chen Wang was born in Fujian, a province in South East China, but her adventurous spirit led her to the famed Royal College of Art in London, where she studied. She established herself as an avant-garde designer in a matter of years, working with Nike, Converse, UGG, Levi's, and other globally recognised companies. Her distinct style reinterprets Chinese tradition via colourful modern materials in a conceptual and highly functional way.


The touch of a true artist

The Piaggio 1 is a motorcycle that was designed by Piaggio and cheval Feng Chen Wang wears a beautiful livery that combines Chinese culture with the designer's renowned inventiveness. It seamlessly mixes the key influences in her life, pulling inspiration from Fujian's stunning scenery while showcasing the more modern, multiform features of her London experience. The exact shade of green utilised on the seat upholstery and wheel rims harkens back to her homeland's native fauna while also symbolising health, harmony, and success.

A very special collection

A helmet and unisex streetwear capsule collection, unveiled at Shanghai Fashion Week, is part of the collaboration with Feng Chen Wang. The collection, which is absolutely unique, skilfully reinterprets heritage with a contemporary touch. The designer's devotion to sustainability, respect for nature, and creative recycling is reflected in these unique and startling clothes, which feature overlapping recycled materials.


*£150 of the Reduced price factors in the Plug in Vehicle government grant, there is no cash alternative and this can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Subject to government scheme availability and the correct supporting documentation being administered by the retailer.